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St Patrick’s College is a dynamic faith and learning community that serves to educate children of families in the Sutherland Shire.

Address: 551 President Avenue, SutherlandPhone: (02) 9542 9000Email:
Senior Team 2018  
College Captains Christopher Breen Jemima Wrigley
College Vice-Captains Leonardo Nosatti Madelene Clancy
Nagle House Captains Jacob Briggs Alexis Dimon
Leary House Captains Thomas Wilson Lara Nicholls
Rice House Captains Kyle Lister Chelsea McLean
Wiltshire House Captains Zack Taylor Beth Dearsley
Social Justice Captains Maxwell Porter Lauren Forrester
Liturgy Captain Nicola Watson  
Performing Arts Captain Ricky Di Campli Lucy Filetti
Sports Captain Rachael Mauro  
Band Captain Stewart Dunn  
Class Captains 2018  
12W  Nicholas Anagnostiadis Kimberly Attenborough
12I Cameron Creighton Hannah Camelotti
12S James Ellender Lily Dirrmann
12D Thomas Haszard Sophie Hunt
12O  Sunny Micallef Lauren McCaffrey 
12M  Santino Salis Cait Roche 
12C  Joshua Sposari  Calina Walsh  
11W Joshua Harrison Kaitlyn Nicholls
11I Harrison Hewitt Rose Cutcliffe
11S Lochie White  Monique Viskovic
11D Ewan Macfarlane Mara Glowacki 
11O Lachlan Flood Charlotte Bishop
11M Luke Peacock Sophie Crowe 
11C Nathan Smith Annie Tegg
10W Dyson Griffiths Norreigne Catbagan
10I Josh Flanagan  Charlotte Kensitt
10S Tanner Curtis  Bronte O'Shannessy
10D Samuel Mood  Charlotte Oliver
10O Mitchell Lee Taylah Pye 
10M Yianni Karantonis Zara O'Mahony
10C Harley Blattman Cailie Challenor
10J Lawrence Simon Chanelle Lucifero
9W Hayden Bryson  Alana Forrester
9I Ayden Del Pozo  Jacinta Farla
9S Leonard Smithson Mary O'Donnell
9D Marcus Zovic Lily Farrar
9O  Samuel Lynch  Tiarne Woolsey 
9M  Daniel Poole  Bethany Schembri
9C  Armaandeep Sooch  Georgia Clark
8W Harry Morris Sophie Hart
8I Ethan Irwin Natalie Bassal
8S Sean Peters Audrey O'Rourke 
8D Christian Radman Charlize Barr
8O Riley Kennedy  Marina Kolic
8M Samuel Schibeci Sienna Cohen
8J Ryan Easey  Mia McCarthy
8C Angus Scott Tasha Caruana
7W Tait McKay Ella Briscoe
71 Nicholas Neilson Mia Davia
7S Alfredo Lievano Amelia Hartigan
7D Lachlan Gothard Kaiya Gilbert
7O Jake Gussinklo  Elizabeth Smithson
7M Tyler Green  Lily Freeman
7J Paul Petrakis Bella Summers
7C Corey Starr Sydney Alpen
7P Toby Challenor Imogen Wood

About Us

St Patrick’s College is a dynamic faith and learning community that serves to educate children of families in the Sutherland Shire. The College has an enrolment just over 1200 and caters for boys and girls in Years 7-12.

Address: 551 President Avenue, Sutherland

Phone: (02) 9542 9000


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