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St Patrick’s College is a dynamic faith and learning community that serves to educate children of families in the Sutherland Shire.

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Peer Tutoring

On Wednesday afternoon Peer Tutoring started for another year in the library. We had 46 Junior students and 18 Seniors attend this week. This year students are working in their House Groups. It is a fantastic way for the students to make positive connections and really get to know the Senior students from their House.

Some of the main areas students were getting help with this week was practising operations with integers, structuring and planning narratives and writing a bibliography properly. It was fantastic to see so many students prepared with questions and really engaged in the afternoon. 

If there are any other Year 7 or Year 8 students interested in the program, feel free to see me for a permission note. Looking forward to week 2!

Miss Rebecca Hines, Peer Tutoring Coordinator  


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Yesterday Michael Maguire, NRL premiership-winning coach, motivational speaker and ambassador for Caritas Australia gave an informative, motivating and inspiring presentation during our College assembly. Michael was joined by Sr Ivy Khoury (Program Coordinator for Africa) and Cathy Hammond (Community Participation Leader). Michael spoke passionately of his recent visit to Zimbabwe in Africa, raising awareness of the millions of people who are sick and displaced, and how donations are being effectively used to improve the quality of life for these communities. The provision of wells and access to water allows communities to become self-sufficient through growing and selling food, which allows young Africans access to education.

Following the assembly, Michael had morning tea with our College leaders and spoke about how successful leadership can generate high performance and positive changes within the community.

Michael commended the College for our fundraising efforts in 2017 and encouraged us to continue to look out for and assist those who are less fortunate.

Caritas Ass




During Assembly on Thursday 1 March, Mrs Christina Trimble, Regional Consultant for Southern Region Schools, presented the College with a plaque acknowledging the work of the College in supporting the Performing Arts. Only one primary and one secondary school in the Southern Region have been selected for this honour. Congratulations to all staff and students who have been involved and are currently involved in CaSPA.

On that note, congratulations to Allison Vandam, Sofia Sheedy, Sian Fuller and Jordan Fuller who have been accepted into the 2018 CaSPA Student Ensemble.

Also during our Assembly on Thursday 1 March, Mrs Christina Trimble, Regional Consultant for Southern Region Schools, presented the College with a Newman Accreditation Certificate.



Ready Steady Cook

On Tuesday, 20 February the Year 10 Food Technology elective classes took part in a fun and exciting program known as Ready Set Cook! Students discovered new tastes they could bring to the table in multiple styles, colours, textures, and flavours using very delicious varieties of pasta. Dishes were served to our staff, who then judged the dish they established was most pleasant, favourable and tasteful to the tummy! It was a tough competition alright!

Maddison Brymer, 10W

 ReadySteadyCook  ReadySteadyCook1 ReadySteadyCook2  ReadySteadyCook3




Year 9 Pastoral Care - Young & Confident "Best Me" Program

On Monday 19 February and Tuesday 20 February the students of Year 9 took part in an enriching program called ‘Young and Confident’. As the program states, it was a strengthening experience that taught us about who we are and what we can be. This program started off with a gathering of the whole grade in which we took an online test to discover what our personal traits and strengths are. The questions ranged from knowing how we treat others to how we approach different aspects of life, such as learning and spirituality.

“The survey was very engaging and I was excited to see my results.” Hayden Bryson

After the completion of the survey, we reviewed our results which was a list of 24 traits, in order of strongest to least like us. This informed all students on the attributes that fit our character profile the most, some of which included perseverance, love of learning, spirituality, zest, humility, gratitude, creativity and more. After learning about who we are, each class had a personal lesson with the presenters, where we discovered more about our personal strengths and how we can use them. This was a very educational lesson, as it was useful and helpful, due to the fact that students could discover their true identities.

“This session was very beneficial, as I explored what I was best at, and how I could apply this into my everyday life. We worked in small groups, and also listened to what other people’s strengths were.”
 Alana Forrester
This program gave us the opportunity to express ourselves, allowing us to demonstrate and give examples of our strengths in our everyday lives. We received a small folder holding our top 3 strengths from the survey, which went into further detail about what these talents were. All in all, we are certain that we speak for the entire grade, when we say that this was a constructive and well presented program that taught us about who we are as a person.

Alana Forrester and Hayden Bryson, 9W


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St Patrick’s College is a dynamic faith and learning community that serves to educate children of families in the Sutherland Shire. The College has an enrolment just over 1200 and caters for boys and girls in Years 7-12.

Address: 551 President Avenue, Sutherland

Phone: (02) 9542 9000


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