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St Patrick’s College is a dynamic faith and learning community that serves to educate children of families in the Sutherland Shire.

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Year 10 Science and Engineering Challenge

On Tuesday 24 July, 27 Year 10 students and two teachers attended the Science and Engineering Challenge at the University of Wollongong. The day consisted of hands on experiments where the students designed products such as bridges, catapults, string highways, electrical circuits, turbines, a model hand and communication systems and had to test them to gain points towards a certain scenario or challenge. The day was the definition of STEM in action. With each scenario and challenge the student’s products were put to the test and marked to specific guidelines in order to gain points as they were competing against four other schools. The following students attended: Maddison Brymer, Norreigne Catbagan, Kye Childs, Sebastian Cincotta, William Corcoran, Daniel Costandi, Patrick Crehan, Danny Dang, Anna Dau, Daniella Janji, Juliette Jones, Sophia Khouri, Isabelle Lathlean, Mitchell Lee, Jonathan Leong, Julia Mamo, Nicole Marzolla, Emma Mason, Ronan Mauro, Christopher Meyer, Benjamin Moss, Billy Norris, Zara O’Mahony, Amy Parkinson and Jonathan Varga. Most of our products scored in the top two for our categories. A special mention to the bridge builders, the bionic hand team and the electric city teams as they scored the highest points on the day. We won first prize for our challenge day. This challenge is run across the State at various venues and total points go towards a Super Challenge Day. I have just received news we did not make the Super Challenge final but have been shortlisted in case another school is unable to attend. Congratulations to this group of students for getting so close to making the Super Challenge final. Well done for this outstanding achievement. Your ability to communicate as a team, be creative with your problem-solving skills and to critically think to adapt your designs to each challenge or scenario was admirable. The St Patrick’s community is proud of your efforts.

Mrs Jennifer Ming, Science Coordinator

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St Patrick’s College is a dynamic faith and learning community that serves to educate children of families in the Sutherland Shire. The College has an enrolment just over 1200 and caters for boys and girls in Years 7-12.

Address: 551 President Avenue, Sutherland

Phone: (02) 9542 9000


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