Religious Education

St Patrick's College, Sutherland, encompasses the formal Religious Education curriculum, integrating it into the faith and culture of the community.

While holistic in approach, the classroom Religious Education program assists students to witness to and learn the Christian message and to develop religious values and knowledge of the Catholic tradition in all its vitality and dynamism.

The Religious Education program:


  • provides learning experiences which develop the faith, religious and social understandings of the students highlighting the need for love, compassion, justice and service in the wider community;
  • makes accessible the Christian tradition through the person of Jesus Christ and the rich heritage of tradition, ritual, prayer, scripture and liturgy which characterises the Catholic experience throughout history;
  • makes accessible the traditions of other religious communities, enabling the students to grow and develop through relationships with others and God;
  • provides access to relevant experiences of prayer, liturgy, opportunity for spiritual reflection and Sacramental participation, out of school retreat experiences and community action;
  • provides the students with the opportunity to clarify their own religious thinking and attitudes;
  • provides a developmental, cohesive and integrated program which meets the needs of students throughout their secondary years of schooling.
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