Environmental Justice

Every day we read in the papers and see on television how our world continues to be unequal and unjust. Our young people are becoming increasingly aware of this injustice. Many of our students welcome a chance to raise awareness of global inequality and to play a part in making our world a better one for all its citizens.

Presentation Sisters and Christian Brothers have independently called for greater justice for out planet. Each congregation has supported a range of local projects aimed at raising awareness and addressing the imbalance of our use of natural resources. Following in the footsteps of Nano Nagle and Edmund Rice the St. Patrick’s Sutherland Community seeks to harness the energy, enthusiasm and goodwill of young people as they endeavour, through local action, to make a difference at global level.

 Each year we plan initiatives to inform our students about the global injustices that exist in our world. Small scale local projects are adopted to improve the way we use resources and care for our local environment.


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